Chemical Industries

Manage Productions of Chemical or Pharmaceutical industries. Batch, Production and Expiry Dates tracking facilities and more.

Steel Mills

Large steel production facilities require to keep track of detailed production data recording. Our system is ready to manage this industry specific operations.

Spinning Mills, Yarn Dying, Textile

Different types of raw material stock of various grades arrives from different countries. Right proportion mixes is required to produce per customer need or seasonal consumption trend.

RMG Production Management

Garments Industries now can no longer just rely on cheap labour. Need to hit higher productivity index. Highly capable efficient ERP is required to achieve that. MetroSoft ERP is capable of automating end to end RMG operations.

Construction Project Management

Effective Project Management can ensure high profitability. MetroSoft ERP has a built in project management and job costing module to accurately track project costs and progress.

MRPII Compliant Manufacturing Suite

MetroSoft ERP is a rich MRPII compliant Manufacturing suite that comes with CRP, Production Line Balancing and live monitoring features to handle versatile production facilities management of all kind.

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